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A positive solution in the face of a pandemic.

The creators of MASKOVER designed a solution that adds an additional barrier between the user's face and external matter.  


As HCPs are being directed to wear single-use masks for several days in a row, the outside of the mask becomes contaminated.  This single-use solution is biodegradable, lightweight, compatible with all types of masks without affecting the seal, keeping the exterior surface of the PPE covered.  

Civilians have been directed to wear homemade masks and are faced with similar contamination risk.

With MASKOVER, we aim to help to ease the pain and strain of PPE shortage worldwide.

Made of 100% recycled materials. 100% biodegradable.


Available in other styles. 

Important Features

See video section below to learn how to properly secure and wear your MASKOVER  

Worn with mask

Fit your MASKOVER simply and quickly with or without the headband for complete mask coverage. Always secure neckband.  Dispose of after each patient encounter.  MASKOVER does not affect the seal or fit of your mask.

Worn with eyewear

Secure your eyeglasses or protective eyewear through the designated area on each side of the MASKOVER.

Worn without mask

Secure the headband to both sides of the MASKOVER for desired fit for nose, mouth, and under-chin coverage.  Always secure neckband.  Dispose of after single-use, do not reuse repeatedly.

*REMOVAL: after single-use avoid touching front of MASKOVER, immediately discard in recycling receptacle, wash hands thoroughly*
Home: Features
Home: Features

*NEW* Single Strap Style

*More styles coming soon - custom logo designs available for bulk orders*

MASKOVER Double Strap Style 

*More styles coming soon - custom logo designs available for bulk orders*

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All Videos
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Prepping To Wear Your MASKOVER

Prepping To Wear Your MASKOVER

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Securing Without Mask

Securing Without Mask

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Securing Over Mask

Securing Over Mask

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Do Your Part

wear your MASKOVER proudly

Stop The Spread

help decrease likelihood of transmission


100% biodegradable


Home: FAQ

Does MASKOVER take the place of PPE?

No. MASKOVER is simply an additional barrier between the wearer's face and external matter. Proper use of PPE should always be employed.  During times of PPE shortage, HCPs are being asked to use their single-use medical-grade facial masks and/or N95 masks for extended periods of time, over multiple days.  This increases risk of self-contamination as well as the spread of pathogens to patients and objects. 


A HCP can don MASKOVER over their mask, tend to a patient, discard of their MASKOVER, and don a new one for the next patient.  MASKOVER does not affect the fit of the wearer's mask.

The CDC recently advised the general public to start wearing homemade masks.  These cloth materials can harbor bacteria and pathogens for extended periods of time.  Our single-use MASKOVER should be worn over homemade masks.

Is MASKOVER approved by the CDC or FDA?

Since the MASKOVER is not a medical device, we are not seeking approval to be categorized as such.  
MASKOVER does not claim to limit transmission of any disease, nor protect anyone from becoming sick.

How can I donate MASKOVERS?

If you would like to donate MASKOVERS to friends, family, healthcare providers, the service industry, essential workers, organizations in your community, etc. please visit our Amazon page to donate, order, and send.

Can I customize MASKOVER?

YES! If you are interested in creating custom MASKOVERs, please contact us at  BULK ORDER PRICING AVAILABLE.


MASKOVER is not approved, endorsed, or regulated by the FDA, CDC, WHO.  Not represented to prevent transmission or development of any disease or health condition. Not represented to take the place of medical-grade PPE.


Home: Reviews

I am the designated grocery shopper for family members who are immuno-compromised.  MASKOVER helps protect me from other people who might be carelessly or unknowingly spreading disease, and it reminds me to not touch my face.  I can wear my MASKOVER in the store, and throw it out in the garage when I get home, and I feel better going home to my  young kids.

Mary Boyce, RN

Given what we know about how COVID-19 spreads, high-grade medical masks are an essential part of PPE, helping to reduce the risk of transmission for healthcare workers or community members. The MASKOVER offers a new way to protect the mask itself and possibly lengthen the effective lifespan of each mask. This has the potential to reduce the risk of germ transmission on reused masks, as well as improve resource utilization in settings currently suffering from shortages of medical masks.

Dr. Susan Light

Working in a physician's office I take patient temperatures before they are seen for treatment.  Being in such close quarters to patients throughout the day is scary during these times, especially when we are forced to reuse our masks.  MASKOVER gives me peace of mind that I am taking that extra step to protect myself from anything that might come my way. It is environmentally friendly and super easy to put on and take off.

Shea Currao

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